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Program Manager

Michelle Bourdeau

416.413.9244 x13 | michelle[at]yourleaf.org

Michelle holds an Honours Bachelor of Science in Forest Conservation, with a focus in Urban Forestry, from the University of Toronto. She is also an ISA certified arborist.  Michelle has conducted urban forestry field work through completion of a full urban tree inventory of the U of T, St. George campus, under the guidance of Professor Andy Kenney. Michelle likes to hang out with her two dogs, Ada and Freija, cook new recipes, garden and walk through parks.


Melissa Williams

Residential Planting Programs Manager

Melissa Williams
416.413.9244 x11 | melissa[at]yourleaf.org

Melissa holds a certificate in Urban Forest Conservation Planning and a Master of Arts degree in English literature from the University of Toronto. She first came to LEAF as a volunteer and starting working for the organization in 2011. Melissa is also a graduate of the Young Conservation Professionals Leadership Program, and represents LEAF on the Don Watershed Regeneration Council. In her spare time, she pursues interests in food, music, books and long-distance running.



Brenna Anstett

Field Operations Coordinator

Brenna Anstett
416.413.9244 x16 | brenna[at]yourleaf.org

Brenna holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography and Environmental Governance from the University of Guelph and aspires to continue her education in forest conservation. She is also an ISA certified arborist.  Her past experience includes research in dendroclimatology and tree planting projects with the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority. In her spare time, Brenna enjoys figure skating, travelling, photography and reading.


Residential Planting Programs Assistant

Jen Vander Vecht
416.413.9244 x20 | jen[at]yourleaf.org

Jen holds a Masters of Arts in Geography from the University of Toronto where she studied Urban Forest species composition and pest vulnerability issues in the City of Toronto. She also holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Biological Anthropology from McMaster University. Jen first worked for LEAF as an Urban Tree Planter in 2014 and is interested in environmental stewardship, restoration and conservation. She is also passionate about animal welfare, exploring Ontario’s parks and is an avid knitter.



Robyn Stewart


Education & Outreach Coordinator

Robyn Stewart
416.413.9244 x14 | robyn[at]yourleaf.org

Robyn holds a Master of Science degree in Learning, Teaching, and Social Policy from Cornell University. Her interests include environmental education, sustainable agriculture, and community engagement. Prior to joining LEAF she worked with Greenest City, doing environmental food education programs for youth. Robyn enjoys sailing, knitting, gardening and good food.



Erin MacDonald

Volunteer & Stewardship Coordinator

Erin MacDonald
416.413.9244 x12 | erin[at]yourleaf.org

Erin holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph and loves to see people connecting with and improving their urban landscape. Before joining LEAF, Erin worked as the Green Streets Coordinator with the City of Vancouver where she helped residents beautify and green their neighbourhoods and also worked to further the City’s urban food-growing movement. She loves to explore new places, new music and dance!


Janet McKay

Executive Director, Founder

Janet McKay
416.413.9244 x17 |  janet[at]yourleaf.org

Janet holds an Honours B.A. in Environment and Resource Management, and a certificate in Permaculture Design. She founded LEAF in 1996 and has focused on designing and implementing grassroots urban forest projects ever since.  Janet has also been instrumental in the province-wide urban forestry movement, taking a leadership role in the formation of the Urban Forest Stewardship Network and the Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition.