Donate to LEAF

LEAF has established the Urban Forest Fund through CHIMP (Charitable Impact Foundation) for the purpose of educating the public about the importance of forests and implementing projects designed to improve the urban environment. CHIMP makes grants from this fund to Canadian registered charities who work in partnership with LEAF to deliver special projects.

To make your donation by cheque, please make cheque payable to “Chimp Foundation” and include “LEAF Urban Forest Fund” in the memo. Please include a note with your cheque that:


  • provides your email address so that your tax receipt can be emailed to you 
  • provides permission to Chimp to share your contact information with LEAF so that we can mail you a thank-you card.


Mail your donation and note to:
Chimp Foundation 
Suite 1250 - 1500 West Georgia Street 
Vancouver, BC   V6G 2Z6 

Handcrafted Card Set

When you sign up as a monthly donor you will receive a set of four beautiful, handcrafted cards featuring the work of talented photographer, David Slaughter. The cards will be blank inside so you can use them for whatever special occasions you have coming up!



Dedicated Donation

If you would like to dedicate your donation to someone, we would be pleased to send a card to that individual or their family.  After you make your donation online, just send us an email that includes your name, the name of the person for whom you are making the tribute donation, the message you would like written on the card and the mailing address.


Commemoration Program

When you donate $150 or more,  you become eligible to participate in our Commemoration Program.  Receive a tasteful certificate appropriate to display at a celebration event (birthday, graduation, etc.) or a memorial service.  You can also purchase a commemorative tree and/or native wildflower packets for guests.



Thank you for your support!  Please contact us if you have any questions.