Native Garden Kits


Naturalize your yard with LEAF's Native Garden Kits, available to all residents of Toronto, Ajax, Oakville and York Region! An assortment of perennials and shrubs delivered right to your door, along with plans to assist you with garden design and planting, offer a simple way to beautify your outdoor space - and help the environment at the same time! 


Native Garden Kits are available for spring delivery. Contact us to place an order. Quantities are limited! All kits include garden design options, tips to help your garden succeed, and mulch.

Read Eight Easy Ways to Create a BEE-utiful Garden and learn how you can help our native bees.



Small ($145) or Large ($265) - [Check out what's included in each kit here]

Looking to brighten up a shady yard? Our Shade Garden Kits will add many colours and textures to your yard with a variety of distinctive and flowering species specially selected to thrive in low-light areas. These kits will do best in locations with full shade and well-drained soil, and are available in two different sizes to fit your space. The shade kit offers some sensitive, less common species and is best suited to the experienced gardener who is looking for something unique.


Butterfly, Bee or Songbird

Small ($145) or Large ($265) - [ Check out what's included in each kit: Butterfly Kit PDF / Bee Kit PDF / Songbird Kit PDF]

Whether you love Butterflies, Bees or Songbirds (or all of them!), our kits will help you attract a variety of native species to your yard, and support them with suitable food sources and shelter.  These garden kits will do best in locations with full sun and well-drained soil, and are available in two different sizes to fit your space. Various design options are also offered to suit your personalized vision for your yard.

Please note plant species offered in the kits may change seasonally. Consult this page in early spring for any updated information. 

See the images below for a visual of the types of species included in the kits.


Butterfly Garden  Bee Garden  Songbird Garden