Full planting service is included in the cost of all our trees (except cedars, pawpaws, and trees in our Edible Garden Kits). In the spring, planting begins in April and continues through June. In the fall,  we begin planting in September and continue through November. Your planting date could take place at any point during these three-month periods. 


We will notify you two days prior to coming to plant your tree, but unfortunately cannot provide you with a specific time of day. In order to maintain the most efficient planting routes, we are unable to accommodate any scheduling requests. We must have access to your yard at our convenience on the day of planting even if you will not be at home. This means that any gates must be left unlocked.


If you need to remove existing stumps, paving or other objects in or near the planting location, all work must be completed by March 31st for spring plantings, or by August 31st for fall plantings. 


Please Note

We do not plant in yards where major landscaping or construction is underway or will be underway in the near future, as this may damage a new tree. If you have further questions, contact us.


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