This year, LEAF is celebrating 20 years of tree planting in Toronto backyards with a new Commemoration Program!



Option 1: Illustrated Certificate

Illustrated Certificate


Option 2: Simple Certificate

Simple Certificate

LEAF's Commemoration Program offers options to celebrate a special event or commemorate a loved one by making a donation to LEAF’s Urban Forest Fund and/or planting a ceremonial tree. LEAF’s Commemoration Program is suitable for:

  • weddings
  • birthday parties
  • birth or adoption of a child
  • graduation or retirement
  • moving into a new home
  • commemorating the life of a loved one
  • any other special occasion

How it works:

Make a minimum $150 donation to LEAF’s Urban Forest Fund and receive an elegant, personalized certificate that recognizes your special event or a particular individual. This certificate can be displayed at ceremonial/celebratory events as appropriate. Choose from two designs to customize your certificate - indicate your choice in the online order form.

Optional add-ons:

Tree planting

Purchase a gift certificate from LEAF in any denomination. The gift certificate can be redeemed for a backyard tree planting, shrubs or a native or edible garden kit. The tree will be planted through LEAF’s Backyard Tree Planting Program on any eligible property where LEAF programs are offered (Toronto, York Region, Oakville, or Ajax). Your certificate will include mention that a tree will be planted in celebration of your event or in memory of your loved one. One tree can be planted for approximately $200 - this includes tree, delivery, planting and care instructions.

Wedding favours/Memorial gifts

Give each of your guests a packet of native wildflower seeds as a memento of your occasion. Seed packets cost $1 + HST each and can be easily customized with standard labels that can be printed on a home computer. Orders must be placed a minimum of four weeks prior to your event and are limited to the geographic area of Ontario.

Species include showy tick trefoil, brown-eyed Susan, upland white aster, smooth aster, hairy beardtongue, switch grass, fox sedge, sand drop-seed, hoary vervain, evening primrose, foxglove beardtongue, and tall cinquefoil.


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