Bayview Buckets


Trees on commercial streets face especially high levels of stress which negatively affect tree health and lifespan. Stressed out and struggling trees can’t provide us with the environmental benefits that healthy trees provide and municipalities face heightened maintenance and replacement costs. Beyond environmental benefits, healthy street trees also:

  • make the streetscape green and beautiful
  • offer pedestrians shade on hot summer days
  • attract more shoppers and more frequent shopping visits
  • foster a sense of community

Helen Godfrey, a LEAF Volunteer and Tree Tender Graduate, recognized the value of healthy street trees but saw that the trees in her neighbourhood along Bayview Ave were struggling. She worked with LEAF to reach out to local business and create a tree care plan. Over 20 local businesses committed to watering nearby trees, giving thme at least 3 buckets per week from spring to fall.

As part of the project, educational signage was safely attached to trees. The signs offer interesting tips about the urban forest and include QR codes which take smart phone users directly to the LEAF website to learn more!   

This program was inspired by two other initiatives:  Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park Adopt-a-Tree Program and Roncesvalles Renewed


Bayview Buckets Project Details:

Where: Bayview Ave. (west side) between Hillsdale and Davisville.

When: Initiated in 2011. Watering each year from spring to fall.

Project Lead: Helen Godfrey, LEAF Volunteer and Tree Tender Graduate

Project Supporters and Partners: City of Toronto Forestry and Ward 22 Councillor Josh Matlow. 

Participating businesses:

  • Alex Farm Products
  • Bank of Mtl.    
  • Bagel House  
  • Basken Robbins  
  • Bestway Cleaners  
  • Big Stretch Yoga
  • Byford Real Estate  
  • California Roll  
  • Cumbrae Meats  
  • Epi Bakery
  • Fukui Sushi  
  • Horticultural Design  
  • Kamasutra Indian Restaurant  
  • Angela Lam, Law Office   


  • L'Avenue Bistro
  • Lemon Grass    
  • LCBO  
  • McSorley's Saloon and Grill  
  • Originals Restaurant and Bar
  • Rahier Patisserie  
  • Dr. Simpson Dentristry Office  
  • Teaopia  
  • Toyko Sushi    
  • Tribute Communities  
  • Valu Mart  
  • Verdi Restaurant  
  • Vizi Eyewear


Tree Species:


Freeman maple


honey locust

Japanese tree lilac

little leaf linden